...well actually, we wrote 10 eBooks!

Over the years, we've built an amazing team of specialists in many different areas of marketing:

  • sales and lead generation
  • recruiting and recruitment marketing
  • technology and SEO
  • strategy and branding

And the list goes on. They're always learning and adapting. Testing and innovating. Relentlessly finding new ways to make your marketing faster, more effective and less expensive.

Tap their collective brainpower!

As our world continues to change, our team remains committed to creating better marketing for the staffing industry. These eBooks present some of the best advice we can offer to help your firm stand out. Stay top -of -mind. And sell more - even in today's economy:

1. Strategies for a Changed World

We may be in a tough economic stretch, but there are still opportunities for staffing companies... if you take the right steps! This eBook revisits content from the Great Recession and the post-9/11 downturn, providing lessons on what the most successful staffing companies do to minimize losses and maximize recovery.

2. Not Your Father's Marketing

Twenty years ago, staffing services were sold through cold calling, drop-by calls and networking events. But recent events, combined with dramatic changes in staffing, marketing and technology, have completely upended how we need to market and sell. The advice in this eBook (OK, technically it is a long format article!) will help you manage these changes and create a modern marketing strategy for your staffing business.

3. 2020 Vision Workbook

While no one can know the future, the most successful staffing companies are the ones that clearly define their vision, set measurable goals, and develop strategies and plans to achieve them. This workbook will guide you through the process of defining your vision. Setting goals. Crafting strategy. And determining the best marketing and recruiting tactics.

4. Tapping Social Media's Superpowers - a Game Plan for Staffing Companies

Move over, puppies and selfies! These days, staffing firms are using social platforms to improve recruiting, attract clients, strengthen their brand and more. In this eBook, you will find four keys to tapping social media's superpowers - and take your firm to new heights.

5. Essential Guide to Staffing Sales Lead Generation

Need more clients? Or more job orders to get your talent placed? In staffing, sales are hard work - especially in today's economy. Making more cold calls is not the answer, and face-to-face selling has been halted (at least for now). To maximize your sales results, you need a smarter strategy for selling. This 35-page guide outlines the two most powerful ways to generate sales leads in staffing.

6. Staffing Websites: Strategies for 2020... and Beyond

Gone are the days when a website was merely an online brochure. Today, your staffing website is your director of first impressions. It's a 24/7/365 sales rep. A recruiter. And an essential part of delivering a great customer experience. So how do you get your website to do more? This eBook shares design and content best practices, as well as innovative features the industry's leading websites incorporate to capture more leads and drive greater response.

7. Staffing Company Guide to Programmatic Advertising

As the economy ramps up, so will clients' need for candidates. Job advertising costs keep going up and up, so what can you do? Advertise SMARTER! Programmatic job advertising allows you to optimize the number of applications you receive, get people to apply to more of your jobs, and even reduce your application costs by as much as 30%. Discover how to fill more job orders, faster - without spending more on job boards!

8. Marketing Best Practices Guide

Want to know the best ways to promote your staffing services? Looking for low-cost marketing ideas? Or irresistible offers to get employers to respond to your sales efforts? You'll find these and more in our newly updated Marketing Best Practices Guide. From marketing essentials to the secrets of creating irresistible client relationships, you'll discover hundreds of strategies and tactics to help your staffing company stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more.

9. Smart Marketing Guide

Is your marketing effective? Affordable? Strategic? Are you using the tactics that are most appropriate for your goals? Do your sales reps and recruiters have the tools they need to succeed? This guide answers these questions and more, sharing 150 ideas to make your marketing smarter.

10. Smart Recruiting Guide

Talent acquisition is more than job advertising and direct recruiting. It's about branding. Culture. Analytics. And delivering an exceptional candidate (and employee) experience. In this guide, you'll find more than 190 questions to help you evaluate the four "pillars" of your recruiting strategy - and dramatically improve your results.

"SEO Strategies for 2020" - Coming Soon!

Our SEO experts are already working on our newest eBook, "SEO Strategies for 2020: Welcome to the New School." Scheduled for release in June, it shares five lessons to help you:

  • modernize your SEO strategy;
  • optimize your jobs and website to rank well in relevant searches; and
  • drive more targeted traffic (i.e., your ideal prospects and candidates) to your website.

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Final Thoughts

These may be unprecedented times, but opportunity is everywhere.

And we're here to help you seize it!

We're creating new low-cost marketing products. Offering special promotions. And finding innovative ways to make marketing faster, more effective and less expensive for you. Whether you choose to use the free resources in this article, or you're ready to talk about your marketing, our experts are just a click or a call (888.696.2900) away.