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18 months.

Back in 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore made a prediction known as Moore's Law, which states that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months.

Amazingly, Moore's Law has held true for more than 50 years, and a computer chip today is more than 68 BILLION TIMES faster than a chip in 1965!

So, what does this mean for your staffing company?

Keeping up with tech is hard!

"Keeping up" involves more than just buying faster computers every couple of years. A lot more. If you look at staffing and recruiting, new technology has fundamentally altered:

  • The ways people search for work and apply to your jobs
  • The places and tools you use to market your services and advertise your jobs
  • The channels employers and job seekers use to communicate with you

Today, you have chatbots, AI and RPA (robotic process automation) changing how you engage with talent and fill job orders. You have texting, social messaging and voice interfaces redefining how you communicate. You have cloud-based computing and mobile technology altering where and when you work.

This is an amazing time to be in the staffing industry, but if you don't embrace the changes that tech advances will continue to bring, you'll fall behind. Fast.

When it comes to your marketing technology, we're here to help!

At Haley Marketing, technology is a big part of what we do. Career Portal (job board) software. Talent Showcase software. Wordpress Plugins. Chatbots. We have an entire technical team dedicated to continually upgrading our staffing tech (and building new tools) to keep clients at the leading edge.

What's our tech team been up to?

Over the past year, we've launched new products and made major upgrades to all our marketing technology. Our goal is to provide the tools your business needs to build your brand, attract talent and most importantly, get employers and job seekers to contact your company. Here's a quick overview:

If you'd like to know more about any of our tech products, just say the word.
One of our marketing educators would be happy to hop on a call with you!

Career Portal (Job Board software)

Major feature upgrades to our career portal software make it easier for job seekers to apply, automate job sharing (pushing your jobs to more places), increase job discoverability and help you build stronger talent communities:

Enhanced Google for Jobs Integration

  • Expanded Google for Jobs schema markup to add remote-friendly tagging
  • Incorporated Google Jobs Discover API (to enable Google to see all new job posts faster)

More ATS and Marketing Partner Integrations

  • New ATS integrations: Avionte Bold, Data Frenzy, eRecruit (Coming soon: Target Recruit)
  • Resume Library integration (access millions of resumes for quicker placements)

Better Job Distribution

  • Integration with Programmatic Job Advertising (software which optimizes your monthly recruitment spend/finds best conversion rate and lowest cost per application)
  • Expanded job distribution to more job aggregators including Adzuna, Neuvoo and Jobcase
  • Enhanced Indeed feed (pass branch values to set up branch-specific campaigns on Indeed)
  • Enhanced ZipRecruiter feed (apply notification to someone other than recruiter)
  • Simplified job board syndication UI (making it easier for you to control where we send your jobs)

Enhanced Reporting

  • Referral sources (populated in more ATS platforms - JobDiva, Talent Rover)
  • More reporting options (Job Performance for ALL jobs, more application reporting time frames)
  • Upgraded ROI dashboard (see stats like # of visitors, job mailings sent, job views, apps, clicks, conversion rates, cost per application and individual job performances)

Talent Engagement

  • Added category mailings (automated Hot Job emails based on job-seeker categories of interest)

Other Feature Enhancements

  • New post-qualification form to capture additional/supplemental information during the application process
  • Improved social sharing (metadata)
  • Job category enhancements (settings by job category - e.g., social sharing images and application form type)
  • Magic logins (candidates can request a login link for one-click sign in)

Talent Showcase

Our Talent Showcase was created to make skill marketing most placeable candidates (MPCs) easier and more effective. In 2019, we made three upgrades to help you place more qualified talent, faster:

  • Greater visibility control (add an individual password)
  • Improved social sharing (metadata)
  • Enhanced social login/opt out

Want to see the Talent Showcase in action?

Check out this example


Did you know that Haley Marketing developed our own email marketing software? HaleyMail is the software that powers our newsletter, top candidates, hot jobs and seasonal eCard email delivery. It also powers content libraries on our clients' websites (the Staffing Resource Center and Candidate Resource Center), and it even dynamically creates landing pages to lead capture.

  • Greater visibility control (add an individual password)
  • Improved social sharing (metadata)
  • Enhanced social login/opt out

2019 HaleyMail enhancements include:

  • Social sharing buttons added to Resource Center content
  • New mobile email designs
  • Simplified opt in process
  • Mobile optimized opt-in/out
  • Improved email and content branding
  • Candidate Toolkit (email marketing solution to drive traffic to your job board, increase applications, reengage your candidate database, redeploy active candidates and promote your referral program)
  • Social logins (Resource Centers Opt-In and Login screens)
  • eBook download tracking (see who is downloading your eBooks and follow up)
  • Magic logins (candidates can request a login link for one-click sign in)

Want to see an example of HaleyMail and our Resource Centers?

Check out this example

Video Marketing

Video has taken the marketing world by storm, rapidly becoming the most popular form of content in the world!

To help you capitalize on this revolution, we've launched two high-impact, affordable video marketing services. Ideal for promoting jobs, blogs and testimonials, as well as skill-marketing talent, these new services allow you to create fully branded, thumb-stopping videos that increase job applications. Place talent faster. Strengthen your positioning. And improve the candidate experience.

New Services:

  • Convert content to video (Blogs to video and Jobs to video)
  • Video Now (professional, fully branded videos starring your team and your clients!)


NetSocial is our newest marketing tech product. It's a platform to dramatically amplify the social reach of your content. NetSocial streamlines and automates content sharing for your whole team - to maximize your recruiting, branding and sales efforts.

Here's what NetSocial can do:

  1. Curate content. NetSocial centralizes content curation, allowing your marketing team (or corporate management) to keep control over the content your team shares. Using NetSocial, you build a queue of content you want your team to share - blog posts, jobs, videos, eBooks…even content from 3rd party sources.
  2. Share content. Your team members get a list of approved content to share. They can schedule individual posts or 1-click to schedule all your content for sharing.
  3. Automated distribution. NetSocial puts your social marketing on autopilot. Content is shared on the networks each of your team members select based on the time schedule you've established. Schedules can vary by company, team or individual.
  4. Gamification and social rewards. Team members earn badges for their content sharing, content engagement and more.

NetSocial is currently in the final phases of testing. In fact, we're looking for a few beta testers. If you'd like to be part of our "test lab" and get early access to this amazing product, contact us!

PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising)

Google's and Facebook's algorithms have evolved dramatically in recent years. Those changes have made it tougher for your firm to generate high-quality leads, attract better applicants, dominate search results and stay in front of employers and job seekers.

In 2019, we created four powerful PPC packages to work with Google's and Facebook's changing tech. Each helps you reach the right audience. With the right message. At the right time. Without blowing your budget:

  • Recruiting package
  • Sales Lead Generation package
  • Beat the Competition package
  • Re-Engagement package


We didn't become the industry's leading web developers by being satisfied with the status quo. We continually push the envelope with fresh designs and superior technology you won't find anywhere else.

Recent Advancements:

  • ADA Compliance (all our new Starter and Custom sites comply with WCAG 2.0)
  • New and improved WordPress plugins (details below)
  • Website performance dashboard in myHaley (see site visitors, traffic sources, form submissions for the past week, month, quarter or year all at a glance)
  • Website SEO dashboard (insights on your visitors, keywords, inbound links, sources, etc.)
  • New and improved Starter site designs
  • Improved content management (all our websites are now built with page management that makes editing even easier!)

HMG WordPress Plugin Suite

Last, but certainly not least, we custom developed a new suite of tools to give your firm more ways to showcase your jobs, talent and your team. With advanced filtering and branding options, as well as convenient shortcode builders, these plugins make it easy for you to increase conversions, prove your value and build your brand.

Plugin Highlights

  • Job Board Plugin makes it more convenient for users to search and apply to jobs.
  • HaleyMail Plugin makes it simple to grow your email marketing list with opt-in forms.
  • Blog Post CTA Manager drives reader actions with graphical call-to-action areas at the bottom of blog posts.
  • CTA Fly-in Plugin adds eye-catching popups and fly-ins that grab site visitors' attention and ultimately drive conversions.
  • Testimonials and Case Studies Plugins help you add, edit and categorize reputation-building testimonials and case studies.
  • Team Profiles Manager allows you to customize how you display team member profiles on your site.

A marketing company. A content company. And a tech company.

At Haley Marketing, our mission is to make world-class marketing more affordable.

As the impact of technology continues to affect the staffing industry, we embrace the changes it brings - and remain committed to developing and enhancing our tech to bring new tools and new services to help you stand out. Stay top-of-mind. And sell more.

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