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This issue of the Idea Club will you show best practices for lead generation in the staffing industry.
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Idea Club

April 2016


Haley Marketing's Essential Guide to Staffing Sales Lead Generation

Do you love cold calls? If you do, you're in the minority. There are better, easier ways to generate sales leads in the staffing industry, and this guide will teach you the best practices in integrated direct marketing and inbound marketing. It will even show you how to increase the effectiveness of your cold calls!

Hi Reader,

In 1996, we started Haley Marketing with a mission to make it easier to sell staffing services. Back then, we provided a unique "nurture marketing" process to help salespeople build relationships--and stay top-of-mind--with clients and prospects.

Well, a lot has happened since 1996!

  • My daughter, who was born the year before Haley Marketing was founded (and who we named the company after), is a junior in college!
  • Social media and smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate.
  • Netflix has changed the way we watch TV.
  • Contingent workers now represent 40% of the U.S. workforce.
  • The Buffalo Bills finally won the Super Bowl (well, I'm still waiting for that!).

But you get the idea, a lot of things, including marketing, technology, and staffing, have changed in 20 years. As all these things have evolved, so have best practices in lead generation in staffing. In this special issue of the Idea Club, I share some of the best practices in lead generation for staffing I've learned in (gulp) over 20 years in staffing! I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,
David Searns | CEO, Haley Marketing | 1-888-696-2900

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