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[eBook] Using Content to Drive Your Employment Brand Easy steps to attract and retain top candidates with effective employment branding

MARCH 2022

New eBook this month:

Using Content to Drive Your
Employment Brand

SEO in 2022

Employment branding can help make your job advertising more effective, attract and keep better talent and consistently outperform your competition.

Here are 6 steps to an effective content-driven employment brand.


A Quick Note

Hi Reader,

Back in late December, I had read that the talent shortage would be ending by mid-January as workers on the sidelines ran out of savings.

Well, despite those predictions, it ain’t over!

Even as unemployment rates fall to pre-pandemic levels, the talent crisis persists. So, what can you do to fill your open orders?

Today’s BIG IDEA will show you how to build your brand using content as a way to tell your story, increase your visibility, attract the right kinds of talent, and improve SEO. In this market, best brand wins!

When it comes to building your brand, I want to share a “bonus” article with you. It’s a post I recently wrote about how staffing and recruiting companies can create REAL differentiation. I hope you don’t mind the not-so-eloquent title: Is Differentiation Bullsh!t?

Enjoy the articles. If you need help with your recruitment marketing…or getting more of the candidates visiting your website to actually apply, give us a call. We’re happy to help!


David Searns
Haley Marketing | 1.888.696.2900 |

P.S. Proud Papa Moment!

I am very pleased to tell you that Becca Searns (yep, my daughter) is our new Director of Creative Services. After 8 years working with Haley Marketing, she will now lead our creative team in delivering our mission of making world-class creative marketing easy and affordable.

With a degree in New Media Design and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, Becca brings a unique mix of UI/UX design, technical, and business skills to our creative team. Read more about her here.

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Employment Branding: A Quick Guide

Learn how employment branding can help you attract and retain top candidates.
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