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SMART IDEAS #14: Best advice series

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ISSUE #14  |  January 13, 2023

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• How to pick the right marketing

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SMART IDEA #14: How to pick the right marketing.

Susan Wurst | Director of Account Management

I've got some exciting news for you.

Marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all game.

But you knew that.

The marketing needs of one company can be as different as a flamingo in a flock of penguins. So how do you pick the right marketing strategy and tactics for your staffing company?

Step one: take a bold leap...backward.

Yes, you read that right.

Forget about that hot new social media site. Or the latest automation trend. (At least for now!)

To pick the right marketing, step back and get a bird's-eye view of the landscape.

It's like hiking up a mountain to see the panoramic beauty below. What’s your big picture look like? Where are you now...and where do you want to go?

Close your eyes. Not literally, do this (after reading the next sentence).

Picture one year from now. Where do you want to be? What goals do you want to achieve? What challenges do you need to conquer?

Great marketing ALWAYS starts with the end CLEARLY in mind.

Step two: evaluate what you're currently doing.

Think of this like hiring a personal trainer to assess your fitness routine. Examine every aspect of your sales, marketing, and recruiting:

  • What's working like a well-oiled machine?
  • What's as functional as a leaky faucet?

From a sales standpoint, consider your sales strategy, your approach to prospecting, your lead gen tools, your RFP response process, your sales emails, how your people manage calls, your sales automation, and even your sales collateral.

Again, the goal is to assess what’s working...and where you need to make improvements.

Next, move on to recruiting. How’s your job advertising, your referral program, the quantity, and quality of talent you are seeing? How’s your talent engagement and the candidate experience?

Finally, take a hard look at all your marketing. Does each tactic support a specific goal? Is there a strategy in place for everywhere your invest time or money? Do you know how to judge the effectiveness of each marketing activity?

For marketing, look at the things that attract people to you (email, social media, paid ads, SEO, events, and content marketing), the thing that get people to convert (your website, landing pages, direct response ads, CTAs), and the things that nurture relationships (email marketing, texting, automations, retargeting ads).

Yes, this is a lot to look at. But if you don’t know where you are, how do you know where to go?

Step three: put together a marketing plan that's tailored to your unique needs.

Craft a detailed plan that outlines:

  • Your goals
  • Strategies for achieving each goal
  • Tactics to be used to implement those strategies
  • Specific channels and messaging to include
  • A calendar outlining what you’ll do and when

When creating your marketing plan, be strategic – think through the best ways to reach your audience, capture their attention, and motivate them to take action (or at least respond to your sales team!).

But also, be flexible; plan time for experimentation and growth.

Wait, there's more!

Once you've got your shiny new marketing plan, it's essential to continually evaluate and tweak it.

Chefs keep taste-testing their dishes before serving them to guests. You should do the same with your marketing plan.

Review your plan at least once a quarter to ensure it aligns with the goals you've set. Keep an eye on the results and adjust your course as needed. Your marketing journey should be an ongoing adventure.

Remember, you have the power to shape your marketing destiny. Embrace the uniqueness of your company and create a marketing strategy that's like no other. Keep your goals in sight, evaluate your current efforts, and chart a course that leads to success.


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