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SMART IDEAS #15: Understand what works on each platform

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ISSUE #15  |  January 20, 2024

New this Week:

• Understand what works on each platform

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Today, we continue our “what I learned about marketing” guest post series with some great advice from our Director of Recruitment Marketing. Matt offers some important tips on maximizing the value of all the places where you are sourcing talent.

I hope you enjoy it!

SMART IDEA #15: Understand what works on each platform.

Matt Lozar | Director of Recruitment Marketing

The most important thing I've learned about marketing, and specifically recruitment marketing, is that you need to understand what works on each platform. It's like a dance between you and the platform, and the steps are always changing.

Not a dancer? Don't worry.

I've got some tips to help you navigate it like a pro.

Recruiting on LinkedIn

Right now, what is LinkedIn rewarding? Good, down-to-earth content!

Lately, we’ve seen text posts work really well. Yes, that’s right – a simple text post! 

People like authentic content, and when it comes to recruiting, you want to connect with talent in an authentic manner. And ideally, you want your recruiters building personal brands and personally connecting with job seekers.

When crafting content for LinkedIn, ask your team to share ideas they are passionate about and to write in their natural voice. Don’t be “corporate” or add sales “fluff.” Be direct. Show your personality. And engage with the candidates you want to recruit.

Recruiting on Job Boards

Now, let's move to the job boards.

The best thing you can do when it comes to job advertising is to match your business goals to your application goals.

  • If you want to maximize applications, use a Quick Apply to get the lowest cost per application and greatest number of candidates.
  • If you want to prevent runaway costs – implement automated rules to automatically stop your spend on a specific job when it reaches your application goal or spend limit.

In terms of allocating your ad spend, align breakdown of your budget to what your business needs. 

How have we seen companies successfully allocate their ad spend?

  • Geographic location / branch site
  • Type of job (temporary vs. temp-to-hire vs. direct)
  • Difficulty of job (RNs vs Medical Assistants)

With the job market getting tighter in 2024, you need to maximize the return on every dollar you invest, and this will require a more strategic approach to job spend management—and likely leveraging software to automate and optimize your ad spend.

Recruiting on Your Website

When it to recruiting, many staffing and recruiting firms overlook (or neglect) the importance of optimizing their websites for response.

No, I’m not talking about SEO.

I’m taking about CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization and making the changes necessary to get more visitors to your website to apply to your jobs (or at least engage with your company in some way).

When it comes to maximizing website response, it's all about giving your visitors what they want.

Step one is to understand why job seekers are coming to your website. Obviously, some people are actively looking for jobs. But many are not at that stage. They may be looking for advice, salary expectations, or just to see what’s out there in the market.

When thinking about the content of your website, you want to ensure you are providing information for job seekers at all stages of their job hunt.

In terms of optimizing your site, your goal is to always reduce friction (thanks Amazon!)

  • Make it easy for candidates to find your jobs.
  • Make it even simpler for them to apply. 
  • Offer options like apply via chat or “skip the search” that enable people to apply in a way that is easiest for them.
  • Educate people about how your services work—and how they can best work with a staffing agency.
  • Offer free resources, resume assistance, or even career coaching.

More than 60% of the visitors to your website will be job seekers—this may be thousands of people a month (or even tens of thousands). Sadly, more than 60% will leave without taking any action. That’s lost opportunity for you.

To get more people to respond, “Amazon” your site. Make it easy for people to find what they want. Provide recommendations…and reviews. Give people multiple ways to take action. And make it as easy as possible to respond.

Beyond this, look at your site data. Where are losing people? Evaluate those pages, make adjustments, and watch your job applications soar!

But wait, there’s more!

This article addressed just three recruiting platforms. But of course, your company probably uses many others. Other social media channels. Multiple job sites. Desktop as well as mobile devices. And maybe even your own web app.

No matter where you're doing your marketing, the key is to understand what's working best and what the platforms are pushing. It's like being part of a winning team and knowing the playbook inside out. Stay updated on the latest trends and strategies, adapt your approach, and you'll score big in the game of marketing.

So, go out there and conquer each platform. Understand what works, adapt your strategies, and watch your success skyrocket. You've got this!


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