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Would you like to increase applications by 131% - while cutting your job advertising cost by 6%?

What staffing firm wouldn't?!

If you are like most staffing agencies, you're struggling to fill your open orders right now. Despite relatively high unemployment, getting people to apply to jobs (and actually show up for work) is a significant challenge. And advertising costs continue to go up... and up!

Traditionally, when you have open orders, the solution is to advertise more. But as you may be seeing, throwing more money at advertising doesn't solve the problem... it just eats up your profits.

So, how can you fill your open jobs... without spending more?
That's where programmatic job advertising comes in.

By actively managing your recruiting budget, executing the right strategy and leveraging the power of programmatic technology, you can:

  • Get more candidates applying.
  • Prevent overspending (eating up your budget on easier-to-fill jobs).
  • Reduce cost per applicant.
  • And even lower job advertising budgets!

Want proof?

Here are three powerful case studies highlighting real staffing companies, their very real recruiting challenges, and the real results programmatic software and job boards delivered.

But first, a quick 101

What is programmatic job advertising?

Simply put, it's the automated purchasing of job advertisements through software, which happens faster than any human could do! In the context of staffing, programmatic advertising maximizes the efficiency of your recruitment spending by:

  • Finding the right budget and choosing the right job boards to meet your recruitment goals.
  • Applying a rules-based strategy to ensure sufficient application quantity.
  • Maintaining a flexible monthly budget (in lieu of an expensive, annual job board contract) to meet your recruiting needs.
  • Setting application caps to prevent wasted spend - and then automatically shifting that spend to underperforming job postings.
  • Using data (not "gut instincts") to drive decisions and improve results - the longer you use programmatic, the "smarter" it becomes!

Why is programmatic so valuable for staffing agencies?

Research shows that 48% of jobs get just 2% of applications...
... while 6% of jobs get 45% of applications.

Simply put, the easy-to-fill jobs eat up your budget, while the jobs that really need help get little or no investment. Seems crazy, right? But that's exactly what happens with manual job posting.

Using software to set rules and make real-time decisions, programmatic job advertising evens out this application "feast or famine" - so you consistently get applications to fill more of your open roles - without overspending.

Now, let's get into our first example:

Case Study 1: Industrial Staffing Firm | Programmatic Software

Client Background and Challenges:

An industrial staffing agency in Northeast Ohio consistently heard from the job boards to "increase spend" to get more applications. While a consistent talent pipeline is vital, this firm doesn't have an unlimited budget (what agency does, right?). Their goal was to get more candidates applying - without increasing their ad spend!

The Solution:

Haley Marketing created an automated recruitment advertising strategy (using programmatic software) around a quick apply process, allocating budget by industry and local market geography. By creating a better bidding strategy, actively managing this client's Indeed spend and prioritizing the right jobs, we built a steady pipeline of candidates for a variety of their warehouse jobs.


Our team reduced job board spend by 13% and increased application totals by 61%!

  • Before Haley Marketing: Averaging 568 applications/month at $3,500.
  • With Haley Marketing managing: Averaging 915 applications/month at $3,021.

Case Study 2: Healthcare Staffing | Programmatic Software

On its own, clinical healthcare staffing is extremely challenging - but this California-based healthcare staffing agency needs talent for both clinical and non-clinical jobs.

Effectively managing a job advertising budget for both types of positions is complex and time-consuming - the strategies and tactics for recruiting a registered nurse are quite different from advertising for a janitor.

Before coming to Haley Marketing, this staffing company had been advised by their job board sales rep that they would need to increase their spending by 60% to get the visibility they needed to fill their jobs.

The Solution:

Rather than spend more, we advised this company to spend smarter. We devised a recruitment advertising strategy with three main elements: allocating budget by job priority, distributing jobs to more sources, and automating source tracking and reporting.

We also created an automated system for clinical jobs and non-clinical jobs while allowing the recruiters to assign priority status to each job through their applicant tracking system.


With Haley Marketing actively managing the recruitment budget, our team:

  • Delivered a 131% increase in applications.
  • Reduced their job board spend by more than 6% per month.
  • Added four job boards to their portfolio.
  • Before Haley Marketing: Averaging 379 applications/month at $3,000 on Indeed.
  • With Haley Marketing managing: Averaging 876 applications/month at $2,807 with multiple job boards (Indeed, Zip, Appcast Xcelerate job board network, Monster, Nexxt).

Case Study 3: Financial Staffing Firm | Programmatic Job Board

Client Background and Challenges:

Recruiting accounting and finance professionals requires getting the right job to the right candidate at the right time. In today's competitive market, recruiting success requires a job advertising strategy that automatically distributes jobs to multiple job boards at once.

Frustrated with receiving too few applications for high-priority jobs, a Denver-area financial recruiter reached out to us for help.

The Solution:

Haley Marketing created a recruitment advertising strategy using the Appcast programmatic job board. This job board uses intelligent job distribution to find the right candidates through its programmatic algorithm.

On top of using the Appcast programmatic solution, we also built an automated system to prioritize jobs - directing more spend to high-priority jobs to quickly generate more applications.


Over the course of several months, this strategy boosted applications while driving down cost per application:

  High Priority Low Priority Total
Q1 2020 $27.57 (35 apps/month) $22.84 (25 apps/month) $25.61 (60 apps/month)
Q2 2020 $23.28 (53 apps/month) $13.76 (31 apps/month) $19.75 (80 apps/month)
Q3 2020 $14.78 (81 apps/month) $10.68 (28 apps/month) $13.37 (110 apps/month)

Our team delivered an 83.3% increase in applications... with NO INCREASE in cost!

Could programmatic be right for your staffing firm?

These case studies illustrate the power and versatility of programmatic advertising. It works for all niches, in all markets for every level and type of role. In fact, with the right partner, the right strategy, and the right program management, you can:

  • Make smart decisions based on data - not hunches.
    • Understand the best job boards for your company.
    • Systematically test job titles and other aspects of your postings to drive better results.
  • Put the industry's best technology behind your job advertising - and outperform your competitors.
  • Dramatically increase your application totals and fill percentages - without spending more.

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