Spring Cleaning Your Marketing

After a long and dreary winter,

spring is a time when we can all throw open the windows, let some fresh air in and enjoy the season of renewal. Spring is also a time for buckling down and tackling chores that will make your home clean and organized as you prepare to sail into the lazy days of summer.

But spring cleaning isn't just for your home.

It is also a great time to focus on spring cleaning your marketing to make it sparkle and shine. Over time, things naturally get stale and run-down. Lists get outdated, websites get neglected, and while you were busy reading this, Facebook probably changed a few of its policies! Keeping up in real-time isn't always easy, so it pays to use this time to stop and really focus on sprucing up your marketing.

A quick clean-up can help you achieve better results and feel energized for the rest of the year. But figuring out where to start can be the toughest challenge. Do you wash your website? Scrub your social media? Buff your blog?

To help, we asked our team at Haley Marketing to share their tips for spring cleaning your marketing. Here's what they shared:


  1. Make it easy for job seekers to search or apply now using bold CTAs or fly-ins.
  2. Run through your application process and make sure it is short and simple. Every question over 3 reduces the number of applications.
  3. Ensure your application process is mobile-friendly.
  4. Make sure all links work and don’t forget to review direct application URLs.
  5. Refresh title tags and meta descriptions for SEO.
  6. Review your site’s imagery to ensure it reflects your target audience.
  7. Reduce copy volume wherever possible. People want to skim your pages and quickly determine if you can help them.
  8. Make sure it's simple to find the most important pages on your website.
  9. Is your site securely hosted? If it's not on SSL, now is the time to fix that.
  10. Take a look at the entry and exit pages in Google Analytics. Figure out how to keep more people on your site and get them to take action.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Are you just getting likes or are you getting people back to your site to convert? Make sure you've set up the right "Goals" and "Views" in Google Analytics to measure this.
  2. Look at data from social posts - change your content strategy to post more of what's working well and less of what's not working well.
  3. Re-purpose posts from the last six months that have done well.
  4. Freshen up your graphics on your banners and your posts to create eye-catching imagery.
  5. Create a new "Now Hiring" template that focuses on individuals in a spring/summer setting so that passive job seekers can see themselves in the role.
  6. Add video into your content plans (Did you know Haley Marketing recently launched two new low-cost video marketing services?)
  7. Maximize your reach on social through paid advertising and job promotion based on geography and skill type.
  8. Be sure to share everything about your company! This includes your job openings, culture, individual employees, teambuilding events, etc.
  9. Create a theme for each week and plan posts that focus on that theme and incorporate relevant hashtags.

Recruitment Marketing

  1. Have a brainstorm - Can you name 5 social recruiting tactics? 20? If not, read this.
  2. Re-activate and market to the talent already in your database.
  3. Upload your candidate database into Facebook. You can create ads to target those job seekers and get them back to your job board.
  4. Look at your ROI dashboards across platforms. What can you do to squeeze more out of what’s working? Can you tweak or trash what isn’t?
  5. Clean up your ad spend! Posting via job slots and on single job sites is old school! To improve your job advertising ROI, it's time to test out programmatic job advertising!


  1. Organize posts into categories based on the audience and type of information the post provides.
  2. Look at your analytics to uncover your highest-performing posts and create a series of posts covering each portion of those posts in-depth.
  3. Rewrite the title of 5 blog posts on your blog to make them more attractive - Don't bury the lead. Think like a journalist.
  4. Create in-line CTAs in addition to the CTAs you have at the bottom of your blog posts.
  5. How about some video? Take some of your best-performing older posts and renew them with some fresh video content that features the key points.
  6. Check the performance of your blog posts on social media - posts with more engagement are great candidates for boosting.
  7. Tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush help you see which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site and your competitors’ sites. Then use those keywords as the basis of your blog content plans.
  8. Remember that a blog is a sales tool and it should mostly focus on what your customers want and need, not just your opinion.

Sales Collateral

  1. Ask your sales team if they're using your collateral. Fix any issues that prevent them from using those tools.
  2. Update statistics on your materials.
  3. Check for continuity with your website - are you sending the right message?  Does your story need an update?
  4. Go old school, and create some engaging print materials your sales team can leverage on calls. From PowerPoint "pitch decks" to product sell sheets, print collateral is a great way to make your sales calls more memorable.
  5. Make sure that Sales Collateral is not crowded. No one wants to read outdated, confusing collateral that gives you a headache when reading it.
  6. Redo your business cards - make sure there is blank space that people can write notes on!

Bonus Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Make sure you've set SMART goals for 2019 and beyond.
  2. Engage one of your own temps to update contact information in your client database.
  3. Have a secret shopper apply to your job. Have them experience the entire process (application, interviews, etc.) and evaluate their experience.
  4. Ask for testimonials and reviews. This makes great content for social sharing, displaying on your website, and using in your sales collateral.
  5. If you have the Haley job board, check your syndication settings to make sure you have all of the appropriate feeds turned on or deactivated. Plus we are always adding more to our list!