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Video is the fastest-growing type of content, but many businesses are still afraid to make the leap.

If you can overcome your fears, you'll be light years ahead of your peers. Invest in high-end equipment if you have the budget or interest, but most people have powerful video production equipment that fits in the palm of their hand – a smartphone.

Staffing firms that fail to embrace video are likely to be left behind. One hundred million hours of video watched on Facebook every day and that shows no signs of slowing, especially since video production is only getting easier.

Video Marketing Is Great for Staffing SEO, Job Applications, Branding and More

Video content can strengthen your brand, increase access to talent, open doors with clients, position your firm as a thought leader, and much more. Staffing companies can use video to:

  • Stand out on social media 
  • Set their job advertising apart from the competition 
  • Reach new candidates 
  • Make interviews more convenient 
  • Lower recruiting and sales costs 
  • Keep interviews concise and consistent 
  • Increase views (and response!) for job posts 
  • Improve understanding of job requirements 
  • Increase response from social media 
  • Increase application rates (34% higher!) 
  • Improve SEO 
  • Establish and reinforce branding 
  • Build trust 

Video Can Add Interest to Your Marketing

Plenty of people love to read, but many prefer video. You never know the exact preferences of specific audience members, so mixing up your media to include video marketing can be a great way to capture more eyes and clicks (and ultimately more clients and candidates).

Video marketing benefits are measurable:

  • Marketers who use video get 41% more web traffic from search than those who do not. 
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not. 
  • Adding video in email increases clicks by 200 – 300%. 
  • Video on your website’s home page increases conversion rates by 20%. 
  • Landing pages with video increase conversions by 80%. 

Getting Started with Video

If you’re going to be on video, you need to be authentic. In a recent episode of Haley Marketing’s Secrets of Staffing Success, Matt Lozar, Director of Recruitment Marketing and Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing discussed authenticity in video marketing, “If your personality shines though your content will be more authentic, you’ll gain engagement and trust,” Matt said, “People are better able to relate to your company or personal brand.

Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing, agreed. “People quickly spot inauthenticity. It’s one of the reasons people don’t trust brands as much as they used to.“ 

Video is a great way to build community as well. Both Matt and Brad have invested time in video on LinkedIn and other platforms. As a result, their audience members feel they “know” them and have reached out to them at Staffing World and other events. It’s a great way to build a community.

If you decide to host a webinar or speak at an event, you’ve got a built-in core audience. It can be helpful to those a little nervous about public speaking because those who “know” you will root for you; plus, short videos are a great way to work out any kinks in your delivery before getting in front of a large audience.

Squirrel! Remember Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter

Keep videos short and engaging. Studies show the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. The shocking part of this statistic? This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.

While Haley Marketing analytics from over 500 staffing websites indicate that users are spending much longer than 8 seconds on a blog page, this point has value.

Repurposing is easier than starting from scratch. Edit select blog posts into quick, bite-sized video content, 15-30 seconds at most. Publish it on YouTube and share it across your various personal and company-related social media platforms.

Don’t Skip Subtitles Or Captions

It’s important for accessibility but also to engage those who watch video without sound. It seems counter-intuitive, but someone who wants to be considerate of others in a shared space such as a living room, coffee shop or train, will view in silence. With no captions, they’ll probably scroll on past. Why take a chance on leaving that potential engagement on the table? A recent study from Digiday found 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound.

How Can You Add Video to Your Marketing Mix?

If you need assistance, our marketing agency canto help you create, share and leverage videos that will drive applications and orders. What can Haley Marketing video marketing for staffing firms offer your business?

  • Turn your blogs into videos.You already have the content. Why not repurpose it in an engaging and easy to consume format?
  • Create video job postings. Video can give potential employees a more complete and accurate impression of what the job and your company culture are like. They hear your “voice” and see what it’s really like to work with you.
  • Share video testimonials. Let prospects and applicants see firsthand the value that employers and job seekers have found in your services. What’s more powerful than seeing with their own two eyes?
  • Market existing talent. Place candidate profiles on your website so employers can view currently available talent. Video showcases candidates’ personalities and professionalism so employers can evaluate how well they would fit into the company culture.

Employer Branding

Employer branding doesn’t earn an immediate return on investment, but it will increase long-term engagement. Create “day in the life” videos showcasing different jobs you fill. Take video on job sites. Show how people are working.

Create 30-60 second videos that highlight employees where you made a difference in their lives. Highlight employees who have moved onto a career because of the start your staffing agency gave them.

We trust employees THREE TIMES as much as we trust employers. Leverage your top talent and showcase the best stories.

Personal Branding

Help recruiters and other employees develop a brand of their own. As they make connections and share their expertise, your reach will increase exponentially. Their engagement can reflect on you as well and indicate your staffing firm is full of industry experts and thought leaders.

What Can You Do with Video Once You Create It?

Share it! But don’t commit to a single social platform. As valuable as each platform is for reach, you don’t own the platform, so you don’t have full control. Start by adding video to your website and email marketing, which aren’t subject to mergers, acquisitions, and changing terms of service. Then, showcase your video on social media across different platforms.

Include video in email and increase open and click-through rates. Just the word “video” in a subject line can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

Video is eye-catching, engaging, and popular – 45% of people watch an hour or more of video on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day.

The platforms you can share video on are nearly limitless, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

How Can You Add Video to Your Marketing Mix?

Video NOW, the simple solution to marketing for staffing.

Haley Marketing offers a quick and easy way to add low-cost, on-demand, branded video to your marketing. It's ideal for testimonials, hot job promos, skill marketing, branding and more.

In just moments and with a couple of clicks, you can create and share a brief video that will grab attention and drive action.


Facebook has long been leading the social media race for some time, with as many as eight billion videos watched per day. Along with standard video, Facebook now offers Stories and live streaming. Live video allows your audience to personally interact, leading to 10 times more engagement. According to Livestream, 80% percent of millennials prefer watching a live video to reading a blog post. That’s only growing as Gen Z enters the workforce.


Instagram added stories to compete with Snapchat and now reels to compete with TikTok. Use the platform for to add information on available jobs or to showcase your company’s personality with how-to videos and birthday celebrations. Video on Instagram can have an enormous  huge impact on your brand’s reputation – especially in the people-oriented staffing industry.


YouTube is the second most searched, second biggest search engine in the world. That’s a lot of traffic. 9% of U.S small businesses use YouTube. Why not your staffing firm? YouTube is a video-first platform and can be a great place to start your foray into video marketing. Experiment with different lengths of content or different other formats.

There has been a lot of talk across the industry about the growing challenges of finding the perfect candidate, or any candidate, for an available position. If you are struggling with talent shortages, why not take a proactive approach to get in front of your audience?

With over one billion hours watched daily, YouTube, is a great resource to keep your clients and candidates up -to -date on industry best practices.


LinkedIn video posts generated 300 million impressions in just one year. A study conducted by Wyzowl study found that 51% of video marketers have used video marketing on LinkedIn, and 84% found it to be a successful and effective strategy. It’s the most business-focused of all the social platforms. Hiring managers are there, and so are candidates. Shouldn’t your video be there too?


Businesses may have been a little slow to investigate TikTok as a marketing platform, in part because they believe it’s all dancing teenagers. The reality is that it’s a lot more. Nearly 38% of TikTok’s users within the U.S. are above 30. TikTok videos can get as complicated as you like – add transitions, special effects, filters. But the reality is, you can just film yourself or others on your smartphone. Share job posts, offer interview tips, or showcase your brand by showing what it’s like around your office.

Put Video Marketing For Staffing To Work For You!

For video marketing services, Haley Marketing has plenty to choose from. Is now the time for your staffing firms to add video to your its marketing and social media mix?

Check out these options:

If you'd like to explore adding video to your staffing firm's marketing plan, Haley Marketing would be happy to help you get started.

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