• Staffing's Image Problem (and how to protect your firm)

    The staffing industry has an image problem. Just check out Yelp or Google Reviews. You will not like what you see.

    In this issue of the Idea Club, we'll show you how to monitor social channels, proactively build positive social reviews, and improve your reputation.


    Social Media for Staffing, What's the Point?

    Love it or hate it, social media is where your clients and candidates spend a lot of time every day. That's why every staffing firm needs a solid game plan for social media.

    Discover the keys to an effective social media plan for staffing firms.


    Skill Marketing - New Twists on a Proven Method

    When it comes to selling staffing services NOTHING gets a faster response than skill marketing. But there's more you can do than just cold calling...

    This Idea Club covers new techniques in skill marketing.


    Idea Club - Innovation...and Staffing?

    Innovation is essential to business. Yet the vast majority of the services provided by staffing firms today are nearly identical to the services provided by firms 20 years ago.

    This article will show you how you can become more innovative.


    Idea Club - eBook: Six Low Cost Strategies for Success in a Boom Market

    This month's newsletter will give you six easy-to-implement and low-cost strategies to thrive in 2015...and beyond.


    Haley Marketing's Best of 2014

    At Haley Marketing, we take great pride in our work. Check out our Best of 2014!


    Idea Club: It's hard to recruit...when your reputation sucks!

    Build a world-class employment brand by creating a WOW candidate experience, proactively marketing your employment brand, and monitoring and improving your social reputation.


    Idea Club: Takeaways from Staffing World 2014

    We thought Staffing World 2014 was awesome! We attended as many sessions--and talked to as many people--as we could, just so we could bring it all back to you!


    Idea Club eBook: A Guide to Email Marketing Success for the Staffing Industry

    This eBook will show you how to craft your emails to maximize response, how to integrate email marketing with your social media, how to use landing pages to get readers to take action, how to measure and track results, and much more!


    eBook: Stand Out. Stay Top-of-Mind. Sell More.

    This eBook shows nine tactics that staffing and recruiting firms are using to succeed in 2014...and a few that aren't working!


    Idea Club: Check out the latest in staffing industry marketing

    This slideshow contains samples (and results) of some of the best websites and marketing campaigns in the staffing industry


    Idea Club: Content Marketing, from Cave Paintings to Social Media

    Content marketing is BIG in staffing, and this month's article will show you five steps to creating a great strategy for your firm.


    Idea Club: The Main Event - Staffing Sales vs. Marketing

    When sales and marketing work together it creates a synergistic effect that can shorten sales cycles, improve margins, create differentiation, and help you attract and retain top talent. So how do you get sales and marketing to play nice?


    Idea Club: Is Your Social Recruiting Working?

    Every staffing firm is told they need a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile, but how do you know social marketing is helping your bottom line?

    This article has five main metrics to prove your social recruiting is working.


    Idea Club: The Truth About Mobile in Staffing

    It's no secret that mobile is starting to have a big impact on the staffing industry. But where do you need to invest--and NOT invest? Check out The Truth About Mobile in Staffing.


    Complimentary eBook: Staffing growth strategies for 2014

    2014 promises to be an exciting one with lots of changes for the staffing industry! Check out our new eBook, Strategies for a Record-Breaking 2014 to see what's in store--and what you can do to make this your best year ever!


    Idea Club: Optimize Your Recruiting

    Are your recruiting methods no longer producing the results you need? It's time to get more from your recruiting dollars. This issue of the Idea Club will show you how to optimize your recruiting.


    Idea Club: Pop Art and Flash Mobs - Staffing World 2013

    The keynote speakers at Staffing World shared fresh insights and best practices that are shaping today's staffing industry. In this edition of the Idea Club, we share them with you!


    Idea Club: What not to do on social media

    Social media can be a powerful tool for branding your company, attracting candidates and generating sales leads...

    So why do so many staffing companies get it wrong? Check out our "What NOT To Do" Guide on Social Media.


    Idea Club: Blogging: The Critical Factor to Website Success

    At Haley Marketing, we write and track blog results for more than 130 staffing and recruiting firms. We know from experience what works, what doesn't, and how to make the most of a staffing firm blog.


    Idea Club: Show 'N Tell - Examples of the Staffing Industry's Best Marketing

    This issue of the Idea Club features a slideshow packed with samples of the latest and greatest websites, email marketing, social media, and direct mail campaigns for the staffing industry


    Social Media a Waste of Time?

    In this Month's Idea Club, we'll show you what your sales people should...and should not be doing online.


    [eBook] Social Media Game Plan for Staffing

    We just released our all new Social Media eBook that will show you the best ways to sell staffing using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.


    Idea Club: How to Use Social Media to Drive Leads

    This issue of the Idea Club is chock full of ideas to help you use social media and your website to engage clients, prospects, and candidates.


    Ready, set, hike! A game plan for your social media program

    Had enough of the hype around social media? Us too! That's why we put together a tactical, staffing-focused Game Plan for Social Media.


    Content Marketing: The Secret Sauce

    If you could double the effectiveness of your sales efforts, what impact would that have on your bottom line? That's why we are such huge fans of content marketing. It can make a dramatic improvement on your sales and profitability.

    So how can you achieve these kinds of results? Our feature article today will show you some of "the secrets" of content marketing, but if you really want to know how to make your marketing work, give us a call at 1.888.696.2900.


    Marketing Staffing in 2013

    2013 is shaping up to be a great year for the staffing industry. Will it be a great year for your firm? As you look to grow your sales--and get past the commodity pricing pressure--be sure to take advantage of the innovative ideas in this month's feature article on content marketing.


    IdeaLab, Giving Thanks, and Lots of Staffing Goodies

    Last month, we asked you to share your stories of thanks. Today, I'd love to know your thoughts about 2013. Is it going to be a good year for staffing? How will Affordable Healthcare impact your firm? What do you think will be the biggest challenge over the next 12 months?


    Halloween Treats Inside

    Hope you enjoy the free treats in this issue of the Idea Club. You'll find a FREE eBook, Make Your Company the First Call. We will show you a process your staffing firm can follow that will make your firm be the service called.


    eBook: Overcoming the price objection in staffing sales

    In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll find a free eBook that will show you how to get employers to see the value of your staffing services. You'll also find some information about Fall conferences our team will be speaking at and attending.


    Is your staffing firm's website costing you money?

    In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll find:

    • eBook: Is your staffing website costing you money?
    • Important announcements from our team
    • What's new in social media
    • And more!


    Does your staffing firm need a blog? (Special eBook inside!)

    We've refreshed our Idea Club design to give you more information in less time. In this issue, you'll find a free eBook. In the eBook, you'll find out why blogs are one of the most powerful online marketing tools for generating job orders and candidate referrals. Plus you'll see which Haley team members will be presenting at Staffing World this Fall.


    Staffing Sales and NASCAR

    In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll find a Big Idea that's sure to get your sales engine revving. You'll also discover some of new things we have planned this summer.


    Pinterest for Staffing

    In this issue of the Idea Club you'll find out how staffing companies are using Pinterest. We hope this article will inspire your team to start pinning away!


    [Idea Club] A secret to more sales and better recruiting

    In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll find out how to increase sales and the quality of your recruiting using social media. You'll also find out about our new social sharing service and our next FREE Lunch with Haley webinar.


    [Idea Club] How to measure marketing ROI

    In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll find out how to get the best bang for your marketing dollars. You'll also find several easy and effective techniques you can use to measure your success. We've also included a tribute to our late Art Director Neil Kowalewski.


    [Idea Club] Holiday Goodies from Haley Marketing

    With all of the marketing tools out there, email remains one of the best and most affordable ways to win new business and keep existing clients. But with so many emails, how can you make sure that your email gets delivered and stands out from the clutter? In this issue of the Idea Club, you'll be able to download Haley Marketing's brand new guide to email marketing for the staffing industry (for free)!


    [Idea Club] Be an UNSTAFFING firm?

    In this issue:

    Unstaffing: The REAL Differentiator: For this month's Idea Club, I've taken a stab at addressing one of the biggest problems in the staffing industry--how we sell. I promise it will challenge how you think about your business.


    [Idea Club] Overcoming the price objection

    In this issue: The price is too high! Overcoming the price objection. Also, resources for staffing professionals.